Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bondi Road

I spent Halloween out at a little bar called Bondi Road. Yes, Bondi Road. It's an Aussie Bar on New York's lower east side that does (in true Aussie style) $20 all you can drink for 2 hours! Needless to say I was very happy on Halloween. The costumes were great. I have an awesome Polaroid of me and a guy dressed as Gumby! And as soon as I find a scanner you guys will see it! Only the Aussies seemed to know who Gumby was - did no other countries have Gumby? I swear it was an American thing anyway? Oh well.
People really get started early on Halloween here too. Kids were trick or treating from about Thursday til Sunday. It's crazy. At first I loved it, but by Sunday I was thinking "Ok kid, Halloweens over, now you're just being greedy." But it's not only the kids who get into it - the adults do too! Got the shock of my life on Saturday walking down times square surrounded by people; the crowd parted, only to reveal a guy in a werewolf mask right in front of me! I actually jumped! So pathetic!
Anyway, exciting as it all was, I'm glad it's over. They're starting to put christmas decorations up now! As soon as I find a computer to do it I will upload the photos. Sorry about boring blogging at the moment guys!


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