Saturday, October 31, 2009

let's take manhattan...

First of all, New York City is so pretty in Autumn! Oops, sorry - in Fall. All the warm shades of the trees contrasted by the crisp air.. So nice. Central Park is beautiful.

But before I delve into how nice it all is let me tell you it was not all smooth sailing getting here! Plane delayed an hour. Four gate changes. Severe jet lag resulting in a tantrum at the security check point. Disjointed sleep. Two people not experiencing disjointed sleep blocking my way to the aisle to go for a loo break. No food on a 6 hour flight. $90 cab fare. 2 and 1/2 hour cab ride! (Which consequently makes the $90 cab fare a good thing). Trouble finding the house I'm staying at. Walking into an empty house...

But then the good stuff starts: SHOWER. So effing good. 5 hours solid sleep. In a BED. Wake up to a key turning in the front door - Pat is home early from work :) And it's only been uphill from there really. I'm having such a good time. Caught up with a friend I haven't seen for about 2 years - and she is lovely as ever. Today is Halloween and I've finally found an internet cafe to kill time and catch up on this blogging while Pat is at work. Can't wait to see what happens tonight for Halloween!

Once again though, I can't upload the photos at the moment. I will have to do some editing later. Hope Halloween is roaring fun over there in Australia! All you kids are probably fairly tipsy by now. My turn soon!*** PHOTOS NOW ADDED!

source: my nikon d60.


  1. WOW that sounds like such a mission you had to get there!

    i can imagine that NY would be gorgeous in the 'fall', can't wait to get there myself!


  2. Radoween party was, as predicted, very rad. I ended up leaving my costume to the last minute so Joe and I raided spotlight for the last remaining costumes. We scored reaper costumes for 4-6 year olds and masks which we spray painted at home. The reaper gowns were a little tight on our manly bodies so we looked like girls heading out to fridays, and we got paint all over our faces from the masks. Successful costumes! Apparently we got dubbed 'sex wizards' though I have no idea why...

    Keep the news flowing sister