Saturday, October 31, 2009

if you're going to san fransisco...

Be sure to wear... a peg on your nose! The city is beautiful - and would keep you incredibly fit walking up and down those hills everyday. Never have I seen a city so hilly! But there is a smell like no other... I'll get to that in a moment.
The flight to San Fran was fine, but it was getting into the US that was the frustrating part! I managed to get the most thorough customs guy ever. After waiting in line for 45 minutes to get to the customs official, he then proceeded to take another 15 minutes to check everything. He was so much slower and more chatty than the others. Also, you've gotta love the whole fingerprinting and picture process: "Please place your hands on the germ-ridden piece of plastic that every other disgusting person has put their filthy hands on after being on long international flights. Thanks. Oh, beware the swine flu. Now look at the camera like a dork. Perfect. Welcome to America." Please be aware that I'm no germaphobe, but the process really is quite gross.
Once I was in the country I then managed to stuff up buying a train ticket and then passing through the train gates - despite the fact that they're exactly the same as Sydney! Big thank you to the man who helped me, even though he will most likely never see this.

Once in San Fransisco it was great. The old cable cars are a lot of fun, and the first time I've seen any manual labour in a developed country in a while! When the cars reach the end of the line they go onto a big turning circle (like the ones in Thomas the Tank Engine!) and these guys actually push bars attached to the circle to turn the car back the other way. It makes me think of a giant lazy susan. Perhaps the good people of SF can cook giant yum cha and spin it on them. No? Bad idea?
There was a terrible smell wafting about that reminded me of when my cat used to throw up. I know, it was not pleasant! Anyway, I walked down to Pier 39, which is so touristy but still enjoyable. Wandered all the way to the end to look out at the Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz, and then I saw two seals swimming around. I got so excited and kept trying to capture them on my camera (not vrey successfully). After staring at rippling ocean for about 20 minutes seeing brief glimpses of them when they surfaced to breathe, and also seeing a pelican dive into the water to catch a fish (so cool!) I decided to move on. I walked around the corner, and what do I see? An entire seal colony! About 8 pondtoons full of them! All noisy and lying about on top of each other. I couldn't help but laugh at myself. Apparently this colony is quite famous and people come down to see them all the time! Oops.

I meandered around the city for the rest of the day and took some photos of everything, but I can't upload them at this internet cafe! I will have to add them later. I will let you know. So, for now you'll just have to imagine - sorry!*** PHOTOS NOW ADDED!

source: my nikon d60.

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