Tuesday, September 22, 2009

close encounters of the blog kind

With Fashion Weeks going on across the globe, it seems that all bloggers are meeting each other in "the real world". As a result, they all post that they met this person and that person at this or that fashion show, and I have been clicking on links non-stop! Style and fashion blogs are everywhere. I thought I already checked far far too many daily (using up my free internet at work - which is not a fashion related job. Thus the constant need to check fashion blogs to indulge my habit). But the list continues to expand. Will it ever stop?!

I also had my own little blogging encounter - I met Anya of Oui Je Suis. She's a delightful girl who writes an equally delightful blog. It was a little surreal.

One last thought - how crazy-young are some fashion bloggers?! The youngest I know of is this little sprite below (far right), Tavi of Style Rookie fame. She's only thirteen and so teeny-tiny! Although I sometimes find that her youth seeps heavily into her writing style, which can be a little off-putting. Nevertheless, she even writes for popblog now. Insane!

source: fashion is poison.

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  1. aww darl it was a pleasure meeting you too. sorry i was a bit lost for words, i sually am but even more so.. it was a long week of uni and work and i was eager to go grab something to eat :) to many more encounters.. its lovely to put faces to blogs hey! :)